Sun2Earth Solar is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide.

Projects & Services

We have an international experienced O&M division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar plants across the globe. Our team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reporting on generation and activities, provides project commissioning expertise along with developing mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data. Our O&M team has an highly experienced.

Scope of Service


We operate the facility in accordance with applicable safety, occupational health and environment regulations.
Verify and Report : We verify and record all information on electricity generation, loss in generation due to grid disturbance, and consumption of electricity within the facility.

Monitor and Supervise

We offer SCADA enabled Remote Monitoring Facility for all the operational units. Photo-voltaic monitoring systems (SCADA) are software-driven devices provide real-time and historical data, performance-based alerts, web-based (or cellular) monitoring

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Inspection, testing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance and/ or corrective repairs and replacement are carried out, if necessary, as a part of good manufacturing practices.

Infrastructure & Training

We provide all necessary Operations and Maintenance training and required set of onsite testing instruments and equipment. We also provide associated power evacuation arrangements to the clients’ staff for successful takeover of the plant in due course of time.

Manpower deployment & maintenance schedule

Our Operations and Maintenance team comprises qualified and trained personnel.

Residential Solar Roof Top Project

India is on the cusp of a solar revolution and we at Sun2Earth Solar have been right at the forefront, leading the move towards sustainable energy solutions.

Investing in rooftop solutions leads to great savings, while protecting the environment. Sun2Earth Solar offers solar rooftop for home.

Save and Earn from your idle rooftop space.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Projects

Solar energy provides a good return on investment through the use of UN-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance. All of this has a positive impact on your savings and even greater impact on the environment.

When it comes to industrial solar rooftop, Sun2Earth Solar takes the lead with its state of the art solutions. Investment in Sun2Earth Solar industrial rooftop solution ensures return on investment by reducing your electricity bills.

Sun2Earth Solar's customized rooftop solutions have helped multiple industrial, commercial and institutional customers implement sustainable solar power solutions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while making sound fiscal sense for them.

From embedding safety in the core product design to safe work practices in the installation of industrial solar rooftop, safety is a core value at Sun2Earth Solar and is one of our key differentiators.

Start your solar journey with us now, you just need a roof space, where we can set up your green power unit.

EPC Steps To Finish Sites

Sun2Earth Solar is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide with below steps:

1) Feasibility Study

  • Radiatioin data analysis
  • project fisaibility
  • Basic Layout
  • Site Survey

2) Engineering Design

  • PV Array Design
  • Bos Design and Engineering
  • mechenical structure disign
  • Civil& electricel disign   

3) Procurement & Manufactring 

  • Mounting Stature
  • PV module
  • Inverter
  • lT.HT Cables
  • BOS 

4) project Erection & C ommissioning

  • Project Mangement
  • Construction Mangement
  • Trail Commissioning
  • Final commissioning
  • Error Monitoring & Rectification

5)  Opration & maintenace

  • Schedule Monitoring
  • Data Callection & analysis
  • Operation & Result overview
  • Annual Maintenance Contract

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